Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles


Ak 47

The maximum range on the AK 47 is 2500 yards or 2300 M. The weight of one bullet is 122 gr, or 7.9 g. It has a velocity of 2,330 fps or 710 m/s. It can shoot 580 yards or 530 m horizontally.


The M4A1 is the primary weapon used by the United States Navy Seals. It has a semi-auto and full-auto fire selector. It has a velocity of 3,020 ft/s. The maximum effective range is 600 ms. It has a length of 33 inches with the barrel being 14.5 inches. The M4A1 fires a 5.56mm caliber round.


The Maximum range for the M16 is 3000 yards or 2700 m. The weight of one bullet for the M16 is 55 gr, or 3.6 g. The M16 has a velocity of 3,250 fps, or 990 m/s. It can shoot 711 yards or 650 m horizontally.